Full Truckload/FTL

You choose Full Truckload (FTL) shipment when your order takes up the entire truck. You need this kind of service in two cases:
1. either you have enough products to fill a full truckload, or
2. you have a partial load but because of the specification of the shipment you prefer a dedicated truck.

ULogistics can offer you FTL shipments all of the Europe, Russia and the Middle East. Full truck loads are a frequent choice when the total load is 10 pallets or more, when the load is high risk (dangerous cargo) or when you need an express shipment of your goods. We have a modern fleet, which allows the transport of any kind of cargo, regardless of the volume, weight or specificity.

Advantages of Full Truck Load:

  • The best way to transport large loads
  • Ideal for dangerous goods, loads with specific characteristics, sensitive products
  • The cargo remains in the same truck from dispatch address to the delivery address with no need of verloading or grouping with other cargoes.

This type of transport is relatively faster than the transport of partial loads, implies high satisfaction of customer expectations.