About us


The Beginning

The beginning of Transportko 4 Ltd was in 1997, a time when the main activities of the company were transportation of hanging garments and conventional goods. In 2016 Transportko Sped emerged as a separate entity from Transportsko 4 Ltd. One of the goals of the new company is to provide the best transport solutions and a wide range of transport services. Оur own fleet allows us to offer flexible, customized shipping solutions. We organize then and now transportation to and from Europe - hanging garments, groupage services, partial and full loads, express deliveries, transport of ADR goods.

The Progress

ULogistics is the new name of Transportko Sped. We made the change in 2019 as part of our revolutionary decision to transform to an Unlimited and Unique-to-order concept of our services in the seemingly conservative environment of the logistics business. But the world is rapidly changing today, and the only way to succeed is to proactively enforce our model of success. And we know and remember that this is only the beginning and that nothing can replace success. Part of our rapid growth was the opening of our second office in Plovdiv - Shopping Center Grand, 56 Kapitan Raicho St. So hurry up to meet us.

We guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised!


Dispatching in Europe

In September 2019, ULogistics expands its portfolio of services with another one - heavy truck placement in Europe. We successfully manage the entire logistics process for our customers. Our task is to track the entire transport process by following the terms of transport contracts already concluded, tracking the requests, their timely delivery and efficiency.

Why to choose us?

At ULogistics we rely on a team of experienced and motivated experts in the sphere of transport, who are specialists in this field and who deliver quality services on time. Because of our VAST EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE and our inter-dependence on trusted and trusting partners, we have the flexibility and the capacity to change and to develop our transport services in Europe. We get things done while still focusing on detail.

We aim to steadily develop every day and we achieve this by our continuously improving. The successful development of our company is guaranteed by the purposeful improvement of the qualifications of the personnel of ULogistics. This helps us to complete our tasks accurately, on time, professionally and competentlynow and in the future.

All these years in the transport business we have learned to understand our customers` needs from the first meeting. When you choose our company, you will receive:
• our 100% attention
• Customized solutions according to your transport needs at just the right price
We at ULogistics know what to do even in the most complicated situations. We can satisfy all of your requirements! We look forward to working with you and forming your partnerships.